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Knee Length Dress


New Design Afghani Dress

Get ready to stand out in style! Shop the latest Afghan Kuchi fashion at Zeenatwears. From traditional designs to modern styles, we've got you covered.

Stay Warm with Our 100% Wool Waziristani Pakol Hat – A Chitrali Topi, Winter Cap, Top Hat, Skull Cap

Stay cozy this winter with our 100% wool Wazir Pakistani Pakol Hat. This stylish hat is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, serving as a warm winter cap, top hat, and skull cap all in one. Its classic Chitrali design adds a touch of tradition to your look.
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ZeenatWears: Afghan Dresses – Timeless Beauty, Modern Twist

Original price was: $320.00.Current price is: $300.00.
ZeenatWears presents a collection of Afghan dresses that harmoniously blend timeless beauty with a modern twist. Inspired by the cultural heritage of Afghanistan, our dresses pay homage to the classic elegance and grace that have transcended generations. At the same time, we infuse modern elements, innovative designs, and contemporary cuts to create a unique fusion that appeals to the modern fashion enthusiast. The result is a collection of Afghan dresses that celebrate tradition while embracing the evolving trends of the fashion world. Each dress is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that you radiate confidence and individuality in every setting. Discover the perfect balance between timeless beauty and modern style with ZeenatWear's Afghan dresses.

ZeenatWears: Afghan Dresses – Weaving Stories of Elegance

Original price was: $340.00.Current price is: $320.00.
ZeenatWears presents a collection of Afghan dresses that weave captivating stories of elegance. Each dress is a work of art, intricately woven with threads of heritage and culture. From the vibrant colors inspired by the natural beauty of Afghanistan to the meticulously crafted patterns that reflect the country's rich traditions, our dresses embody the essence of elegance. With every stitch, we aim to preserve the legacy of Afghan craftsmanship and celebrate the beauty that lies within Afghan dressmaking. ZeenatWear invites you to embrace the grace and charm of Afghan fashion and adorn yourself in dresses that tell enchanting tales of elegance. Experience the magic of storytelling through fashion with ZeenatWear's exquisite collection of Afghan dresses.

ZeenatWears: Elevate Your Style with Handcrafted Afghan Dresses

Original price was: $220.00.Current price is: $200.00.
Elevate your style to new heights with ZeenatWear's handcrafted Afghan dresses. Imbued with passion and expertise, each dress is a masterpiece of artistry and sophistication. Our dedicated artisans meticulously handcraft every garment, ensuring impeccable attention to detail and superior quality. From intricate hand embroidery to the careful selection of premium fabrics, ZeenatWear offers you a collection of dresses that exude elegance, confidence, and individuality. With a focus on contemporary designs and a nod to Afghan traditions, our dresses empower you to express your unique style and make a lasting impression. Elevate your wardrobe and embrace the allure of handcrafted Afghan dresses with ZeenatWears.