Pakol is a soft round-topped hat for men made of wool. It has variety of colors including brown, black, grey and white widely used in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakol needs to roll up from the sides to the top to form a thick band which rests on the head like a beret.

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“100% Wool KAUSIA Hat: A Chitrali, Pakol, Woolen Kufi Hat – Perfect for Gift Giving”

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"Stay Warm and Stylish with Our 100% Wool Afghan Pakol Hat This soft round-topped hat is perfect for men and comes in a variety of earthy colors such as brown, black, grey, ivory, and even red using walnut. It's believed to have originated from Chitral, Pakistan. Expect delivery in:
  • USA: 17-20 business days
  • UK & Europe: 12-15 business days
  • Russia: 15-20 business days
  • Asia: 15-17 business days
For any questions, feel free to reach out. Available Colors: White, Light Brown, Gray"

Afghan Wool Pakol Cap, Handmade with Premium Quality

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Size fits Small to medium
Afghan Wool Pakol Cap fits S/M. Handmade in Pakistan with 100% fine wool for warmth. Ideal for cold weather and casual wear. Shop now on Zeenatwears. The photos and visuals used for the presentation of the product is high-quality studio output which might be slightly different from the real product. Please request raw photos if doubt.
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Chitrali Pakol

Chitrali Cap is a famous type of Pakol used by Chitral Scouts. It has Markhor insignia and peacock feather on the front side and is available in 2 colours. It is considered a sign of dignity and honour amongst the Chitral community and they present it to guests coming to Chitral for various events. What’s inside the package?
  • Pakol / Cap
  • Markhor Insignia
  • Peacock Feature (if selected)

Pakol for Kids

We have a tiny cute collection of Pakol for babies & boys ranging from 1 year to 10 years. If you need more than 10 years you can buy the normal Pakol instead. There are several colours for all age groups, please choose the colour here and mention the age in checkout notes or WhatsApp us. What’s inside the package?
  • Pakol

Pashtun Traditional Turban Pajj Lungye

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Discover the majestic sophistication embodied in our Pashtun Traditional Turban, meticulously fashioned in a deep, resplendent black Pajj. Each turban is meticulously crafted, epitomizing enduring grace and paying homage to the venerable cultural legacy of the Pashtun community. A quintessential emblem of tradition, it resonates with those who value the intricate craftsmanship and timeless allure of heritage. Available in classic Black and White hues, our standard size spans 5 meters, with the option for customization to accommodate individual preferences. Elevate your ensemble with this distinguished accessory, a testament to refined taste and cultural reverence.

Stay Warm with Our 100% Wool Waziristani Pakol Hat – A Chitrali Topi, Winter Cap, Top Hat, Skull Cap

Stay cozy this winter with our 100% wool Wazir Pakistani Pakol Hat. This stylish hat is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, serving as a warm winter cap, top hat, and skull cap all in one. Its classic Chitrali design adds a touch of tradition to your look.
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Traditional Waziristan Pakol

The Floral Waziristan Pakol is a must-have accessory for cold and moderate weather. It boasts a unique design, featuring a